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    Corporate mission

    Superior supply-chain services for worldwide chemical customers

    Enterprise vision

    High-efficiency service & Humanistic happiness enterprise

    Corporate values

    Fortune favors the diligent.

    Continuing professional and excellent.

    Collaboration and sharing.

    Collective wisdom, joint Force.

    Be alert to dangers even in times of calm.

    To honor commitment and take practical actions.

    Anti-corruption and self-discipline.

    Perfecting yourself while benefiting others.

    Operation Principles: 

    creation of value, balance of interests, heart of altruism, continuance of development

    Enterprise Spirit: 

    beyond oneself, constantly evolving, improving the temperament, exercising the soul

    Symbiotic Organizational Idea:

    Four characteristics: Subject of each other, Multi-Interests, Flexible and efficient collaboration

    Four realms: Symbiotic belief, Customerism, Technological penetration, Empowerment leadership